Hiking in the Merano region – dreaming of the summits and gazing down from them

It is always the season for hiking.

On with the climbing boots, off to fun! If you are planning a hiking holiday in the Merano region, you have selected a cornucopia of possibilities. Leisurely strolling through level, dreamy scenery. Hiking through the idyllic larch forests and alpine pastures in the low mountain ranges. Panting up proud summits, which reward all your efforts with an incredible view over and around the loveliest peaks in the South Tyrolean Alps.

Hiking holiday for romantics and families

One of the particular hiking highlights in the Merano region leads directly past the Oberglunigerhof farm: the Waalwege or paths along the irrigation channels. They date back to an ancient irrigation system, which now has almost disappeared from South Tyrol. Idyllic water courses, which border a narrow, level path lead past sloping meadows and fields, across sun-kissed landscapes and through shady forests

If you want to plan a leisurely hiking holiday or if you are travelling with children, these easy routes are almost a must. Especially in the warmer seasons many people like the company of the pleasantly refreshing, romantic murmuring of the water. Pause comfortably on a shady little bank and listen to the "Waalweg music" of joyful gurgling of the water and the twittering of the birds, or enjoy fun with the children, as they shriek and giggle as they stick their feet into the refreshing wetness.


  • Marlengo irrigation channel: its 12 kilometre length makes it the longest in South Tyrol – with forest nature trail!
  • Lagundo irrigation channel: 5-6 km long, it consists of two sections – from Tel to Lagundo and farther on to Quarazze
  • Parcines irrigation channel: 5 km long, its particular highlight is the Parcines waterfall
  • Maia irrigation channel: 9 km long, leading from Passiria to Merano, this shady irrigation channel is particularly to be recommended in summer
  • Caines irrigation channel: its attraction is the switch from almost still water with little fish and steeper gradients, where the water roars along!
  • Stava irrigation channel: this leads through exceptionally dry areas where plants from steppe regions thrive.
  • Senales irrigation channel: not for beginners, this path leads though steep territory, which requires sure-footedness.

At the peak of hiking happiness

If you have the choice, you really prefer to discover something new each day. The opportunities for hiking are almost infinite in the Merano region. From hiking through idyllic mountain pastures with rest stops to adventurous tracks, where Nature herself is the star. And for confirmed hikers and mountaineers there are of course the mighty peaks around Cermes, Merano and the surrounding region - each lovelier than the next!

A climb to the summit in the early hours of the morning, to watch dawn come up in all its beauty and splendour of colour over the mountain peaks is a natural spectacle, which is treasured in the memory for ever.

Hiking high above Merano

Hiking holiday highlight in the Merano region: the Merano high-alpine trail is the greatest and probably the loveliest challenge for the ardent hiker and mountaineer. It is 80 km in total and so you either take a tour over several days or, thanks to several places where you can access or leave the trail, you can hike along sections of it.

The Merano high-alpine trail rewards you with a view, which would be difficult to rival: the summits of the Val Sarentino, Stubai and Ötztal Alps. In good visibility you can even see as far as the Dolomites, to the Brenta Group and over to the Ortles massif. From June to September the chalets are also open.