Grander® water: sparkling, fresh

Drink the delicious water on the Obergluniger farm to your heart's content!

Fresh, sparkling Grander® water effervesces from all our pipes to quench thirst after a sweaty hike and for diving into the refreshing pool. At the breakfast table and in the vegetable bed.

Grander® water exhibits its special structure. The revitalised water contains no chemicals or electricity and is of a particularly high, stable quality. Its subtle flavour tempts you to drink more and so you drink what you need. It feels pleasant in the bath or shower and when doing the laundry or watering the flowers, you notice the difference: less detergent and cleaning agents are required and the Grander® water positively makes the flowers bloom.

Water pipes and heating systems also benefit from revitalised water, because in a very natural way they do not need servicing so frequently.