Holiday on the organic farm – just like home!

"Would you like to crunch an apple?" asks organic farmer, Heinrich with a smile, as he comes round the corner on his tractor. A juicy apple for the children, a glass of "Nuin", the new wine to try. The passionate organic farmer does not talk about the assumptions on authentic organic farming, such as transparency, quality and natural cycles in agriculture. He has no need to talk, simply because he lives them, with heart and mind, and the guests here on his farm have repeated opportunities to peep over his shoulder and to have their own personal glimpse of life and work on the farm.

This includes the bright side of a rich harvest, and the great and small challenges which are part of farming according to ecological principles. Heinrich Platter's motto is "Work with Nature, not against it," and you can taste the result every day at breakfast and of course on all kinds of occasions, when the Platter family organise convivial tastings or sociable evenings tasting the new wine.

In the dazzling sunshine on the Oberglunigerhof farm fruits of consummate sweetness thrive and herbs give off spicy, almost resinous aromas. As well as the usual fruit and vegetable varieties figs and persimmons ripen here as they do much further south.

The treasures of the organic farmers, Heinrich and Marlene Platter, a wealth of apple varieties, black and green grapes, cherries, peaches and apricots in early summer and figs, plums, kiwi fruit and persimmon in their season always find their way to the breakfast table. Or they can be found in the form of delicious fruit spreads, wines and apple juice and much more, which the guest can purchase in the little farm shop or from the hostess herself as a souvenir to take home.

Red Rooster

Quality seal for excellent organic farms

What makes South Tyrol so beautiful, among majestic mountain peaks and attractive towns and villages, are the well-tended landscapes, which stretch like colourful, pretty patchwork quilts over valleys, hills and slopes. The Red Rooster brand has been developed to preserve the diversity of South Tyrolean agriculture and to reward the farmers for their efforts in producing outstanding quality. The strict criteria and regular inspections by the Red Rooster organisation of course ensure the highest quality for guests and they also support the sustainable development of farming culture in South Tyrol.

The Oberglunigerhof farm has been awarded four of the five possible flowers by Red Rooster. The personal atmosphere and family welcome, the opportunity to experience work and everyday life on the farm, high-quality products made on the farm are among the most important points, which must be fully satisfied to be awarded the Red Rooster seal of approval.

"Working with the nature - not against"