Organic products from the farm – everything home-made.

If you holiday on a farm you have the good fortune to enjoy the farm's own products. This is obvious by your first breakfast-time on the Obergluniger farm. In the morning and at other times you are offered the fruit and herbs from the farm garden:
a vast range of varieties of apples, red and green grapes, cherries, peaches and apricots in early summer, berries, figs, plums, kiwi fruit, persimmon and vegetables in their season

All of this either freshly harvested or lovingly and skilfully turned into various products.

As well as breakfast and depending on season and availability the Obergluniger farm offers various organic products in its little farm shop: apple juice and other fruit juices and syrups, a variety of home-made jams and fruit spreads and anything else the season offers!

Farm garden for self-service

There is also a small vegetable and herb garden for communal use for all the guests at the Oberglunigerhof. Depending on the season a huge variety of Mediterranean and Alpine herbs, salad vegetables, tasty tomatoes and other vegetable varieties grow and ripen here. All organic, fresh from the garden, sun-ripened and tasty.