Idyll à la South Tyrolean

If you book bed and breakfast on the Oberglunigerhof farm, your breakfast is served every morning with the treasures from the farm and garden. The breakfast table is generously provided with fruit and vegetables grown on the farm and all sorts of other ingredients, which are home-made, if not by the Platter family themselves, by businesses in the immediate vicinity.

The enjoyment of breakfast is not the only reason for entering the idyllic typically South Tyrolean inner courtyard and the breakfast room. Style and taste, which delight your heart and soul, await you within these well-tended centuries-old walls with their nooks and vaulting. It is no wonder that guests are sitting there early in the morning, a contented smile on their lips, relaxed and comfortable.

Organic farmers and hosts, committed heart and soul

Heinrich and Marlene Platter are committed heart and soul to their organic farm in South Tyrol.

On the Oberglunigerhof farm in Cermes they share their love of Nature, of "gardening" and their desire to be the best possible hosts. While Heinrich primarily takes care of the farming, Marlene deals with the guests. On their more than 450 year old farm they have created a place, every nook and cranny of which reflects their love of detail and their understanding of quality.

Simplicity tastes wonderful and it is also better to live in simple surroundings.

Heinrich & Marlene Platter

Sustainable agriculture from conviction

The display of wonderful fruit and vegetable varieties, which thrive on the Oberglunigerhof farm, conceals the fact that organic farming entails more work and expenditure than conventional farming. Nevertheless, the farmer, Heinrich Platter has never regretted the decision, taken over 20 years ago, to change to organic farming, for organic apples and such-like simply taste better and are healthier.

By forsaking artificial sprays and fertilisers organic farmers are thinking of the future and giving back to their land its natural fertility. The family are also very anxious to maintain diversity and to preserve old, almost forgotten varieties, so they grow these alongside the "popular" varieties.

In the attractive vegetable garden the vegetables of the season thrive and thanks to the many hours of sunshine plants from the Mediterranean and from almost exotic regions feel at home here, from herbs with heady scents to wonderfully sweet fruit.

Sustainability everywhere

Simplicity tastes wonderful and it is also better to live in simple surroundings. This is why Heinrich and Marlene have converted their designer apartments and rooms in an "organic style". The building is constructed of pure, natural materials with outer and inner walls, which " breathe" and thus create a pleasant indoor temperature.

Marlene Platter's excellent flair for aesthetics prompted her to seek out warm, renewable materials and chic, elegant details, such as furniture made from matured timber, soft fabrics, wonderful pillows, mattresses and designer lampshades. There are signs everywhere that the family's attitude to life extends to the last detail - the switch, independent of the power supply, which reduces electro-smog everywhere in the building, the revitalised Grander® water, which flows along all the pipes and also through the little stream in the murmuring waters of the Feng Shui garden. The Grander® water even supplies the pool and with a little salt ensures optimum water quality