Cycling, golfing, dreaming: off to summer in Cermes!

Pedal until the calf muscles ache, cycle along at a leisurely pace, sink the ball or just lie and let the sun warm you. Summer in the Merano region offers the same for all sportsmen and women - diversity. There is a seemingly infinite choice of activities in the region around Cermes, Lana and Merano. Touring by mountain bike, a leisurely cycling holiday, tennis, riding, swimming, canoeing - these are just a few. The main attraction is and remains the lush green of the summer landscapes in South Tyrol.

Placidly lovely hills above the green valley and towering above them the beauty of the awesome, mighty mountain chains of the Alps. Speaking of green, around Cermes there is a number of golf courses, each set in a different landscape, which can be reached in a few minutes or a short drive.

Cycling holidays – dream among the trees

There's nothing like being out and about in the beauty of Nature! For cycling fans the summer season in the Merano region begins strictly speaking with the very first warmth of the sun's rays. For what can be nicer than to enjoy the re-awakening of the natural world as you cycle at a leisurely pace on perfectly laid-out cycle trails? Simply cycle though the radiance of clouds of white blossom in the fragrant spring-time beneath a cobalt blue sky, while the snow-covered mountain peaks all around you sparkle in an attempt to outdo the floral splendour of the valley. In summer feel the balmy breeze in your hair and the lightness of spirit in your saddlebags.

Or cycle through the colours of autumn, when the scent of ripe fruit and roast chestnuts meets your nostrils and public houses invite you in to try the sweet new wine and fresh apple juice. Tangy white wines, dignified red wines, a creamy cappuccino and all kinds of delicacies to tempt your palate with sweet and savoury - this you will of course find all year round. A cycling holiday in the Cermes, Merano and Lana areas means pure pleasure on all levels.

Mountain biking – touring for beginners and experts

Puff and pant your way upwards, squeeze out the last ounce of effort and then - zoom down! If you want to explore the mountains round about Cermes by bike, the best way is by mountain bike. There are so many different trails, so many tours just waiting to be discovered by MTB.

If you begin your tour in the Cermes, Marlengo, Lana or Merano area, you will start by cycling through a veritable feast for the eyes of well-tended little gardens, resplendent in the colours of summer, pretty orchards and vineyards. Then you will reach summer forests with the scent of resin and cycle on to the tinkling of cow-bells on the alpine pastures.

The long summer for cycling in the green valley

From March to November is the season for cycling along the level valley cycle trails along Adige River – and for going farther afield. Once you have acquired a taste for discovering Merano & environs by bicycle, you are easily fired up to explore the beauty of the valley scenery of South Tyrol as you pedal along in tranquillity.

The wonder thing about a cycling holiday in South Tyrol is that in just one day's cycle ride you can visit a huge variety of attractions, such as Appiano with the charm of its hills and the sparkle of its lakes, or Val Venosta with its striking villages and landscapes, which are so special that they are often used as film backdrops.

Cycling for adrenalin junkies

There are many cable cars in the Merano region, which transport free-riders and down-hillers to their pleasure. All six cable railways take bikers, plus their mountain bikes, at reasonable prices some hundred metres of altitude towards the peaks. Even if the South Tyroleans think in general that only those, who puff and pant up the mountain, are true bikers, the sport is continually expanding and the routes can to all intents and purposes be seen from above.

Placidly lovely hills above the green valley and towering above them the beauty of the awesome, mighty mountain chains of the Alps. Speaking of green, around Cermes there is a number of golf courses, each set in a different landscape, which can be reached in a few minutes or a short drive.

Golfing in the country of diversity

Almost all year round it is "green" here. From spring to late autumn the conditions in South Tyrol and especially in the area around Cermes and Merano are ideal for playing golf at the nearby golf clubs. On the smallest space with panoramas over the landscape and difficulty levels for every taste the golf courses in South Tyrol offer everything from golfing in the midst of blossoming apple orchards to challenging courses in higher realms.

Lana Golf Club on the Brandis estate

In an idyllic setting among vineyards and orchards near the historic Brandis Castle, the Lana Golf Club is an attraction for locals and visitors alike. With very little difference in altitude, a course with three par 3, four par 4 and two par 5 holes on a length of just 2,800 metres, it is ideal for beginners, but experienced golfers also value the pleasant course, which is playable almost all year round.

Passiria.Merano Golf Club

The 18-hole course in Val Passiria near Merano is a scenic gem with huge sporting challenges. The special attraction at the Passiria.Merano Golf Club, which is playable almost all year round, are the water obstacles with their water lily ponds and the many bunkers, which demand a great deal of strategic thinking and skill from the players.

Golfing holiday among lakes and mountains

There are several golf courses within easy reach of Cermes, which warm the cockles of the keen golfer's heart. The panoramic Gampen road in the lowlands of South Tyrol leads up to one of the highest golf courses in the Alps, the Dolomiti Golf Club Sarnonico in Val di Non. The 9-hole course of the Blue Moon Golf Club with its many impressive natural stretches of water is located in Appiano.